Using Video Chat

Our video calling solution requires no extra software installation (Zoom, Skype etc.). Everything is happening inside your internet browser. If needed, you can easily share your screen (e.g. presentation) as well.

What is needed?

  • a link for the video chatroom, provided by us
  • a computer/laptop with webcam
  • Chrome, Firefox (on Windows) or Safari (on MacOS)
  • headphones/headset (highly recommended), preferably with microphone

Step-by-step – Video Chat

  1. You will receive a link for the „video chatroom” – click it or paste the link in your browser,
  • Windows computers – only Chrome or Firefox browsers will work
  • Mac – only Safari browser will work
  1. Enter your name and click „Continue”.
  1. If prompted to allow access to your webcam/microphone – allow access; if you accidentally denied the access, simply reload the page.
  1. Settings appear.
  • network quality – shows how good is your internet connection (green-yellow-red)
  • if you can’t see yourself – try changing the camera
  • if you want to test your microphone and speakers, click„Test”

if everything looks good, click „Join Room”

  1. You are in the „video chatroom” now; if you want to leave the connection, move your cursor to the bottom of the screen and click the red „X” icon.

Step-by-step – Sharing your screen

  1. When you’re already in the „video chatroom”, move cursor to the bottom of the screen and click on „Share” icon.
  1. „Screen sharing” window appears; click „Whole screen”, click picture (thumbnail) of your screen and click „Share”; you are now sharing your computer screen
  1. 2 little windows appear to indicate you are now sharing your screen; on the smaller one, click „Hide” so the window does not get in the way.
  1. Minimize your browser or go to your desktop and launch your presentation in full-screen mode.
  1. Go ahead with your presentation; your presentation and your webcam’s picture will be shown, and your voice will be heard.
  1. To stop sharing your screen, go back to your browser and click „Stop Sharing”.

Remember: in case of any failure, please refresh/reload the page (e.g. by using F5), this will remove you from the video chatroom and you’ll be able to join again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my smartphone/iPhone?
A: If you have no access to a computer, it is possible to use a smartphone (Huawei phones are strictly not supported). Please let us know if you can’t use a computer.

Q: Can use video chat without headphones/headset?
A: Communicating without headphones/headset can lead to a nasty echo. Please let us know if you can’t use headphones/headset.

Q: During video chat, picture and/or sound has suddenly disappeared. 
A: Please reload/refresh the page. This will remove you from the video chatroom and you’ll be able to join again.

Q: Can I use wireless, Bluetooth headset, AirPods?
A: Wireless headset can be a pain to configure properly. We recommend regular, wired headphones/headset.

Q: Can I sing to my microphone?
A: No. The software is optimized for speech. Singing and music will sound really bad.

Q: What are the icons at the bottom of the screen?
A: The icons will switch your cameras, turn off camera and microphone and share your screen. Do not click the icons unless instructed otherwise.