Sharing your computer screen

Our screen sharing solution requires no extra software installation (Zoom, Skype etc.). Everything is happening inside your internet browser. Viewers are able to see what is being shown on your computer, e.g. a PowerPoint presentation.

What is needed?

  • a link for the video chatroom, provided by us
  • a computer/laptop with webcam
  • Chrome, Firefox (on Windows) or Safari (on MacOS)
  • headphones/headset (highly recommended), preferably with microphone

Step-by-step. Part 1: video chat.

  1. You will receive a link for the „video chatroom” – click it or paste the link in your browser:
    • Windows computers – only Chrome or Firefox browsers will work
    • Mac – only Safari browser will work
  2. If prompted to allow access to your webcam/microphone – allow access (we will need your microphone to listen to you presenting); if you accidentally denied the access, simply reload the page.
  3. Say something to test your microphone – if the green line is moving, your microphone is picking up your voice; if the green line is not moving, select another microphone from the list.
  4. Enter your name and click „Join Room” – you’re in the „video chatroom” now as a participant. WARNING – please don’t turn „Remote Camera Mode” on, it should be toggled off.

Step-by-step. Part 2: sharing screen

  1. You are in the „video chatroom” now; click the little „monitor” icon in the bottom left of your screen. WARNING – please don’t click other icons.
  2. You see a „Screen sharing” window; click „Whole screen” and then click the picutre (thumbnail) of your screen.
  3. Click „Share” button – your screen is now being shared with another people. WARNING – if the „Share” button is disabled, you need to click the picture (thubnail) of your screen.
  4. Near the bottom of your screen you will see a small mesage: „Application is sharing your screen” – click „Hide” to hide it.
  5. Minimize your browser or go to your desktop and switch to your presentation.
  6. Go ahead with your presentation as usual, your voice will be heard.
  7. To stop sharing your screen and leave the room, switch back to your internet browser and close the tab or close the whole browser.

Warning: in case of any problems (no picture, internet disconnecting), please go back to your browser and reload the page – this will disconnect you from the video chat and take you back to the „Join room” screen.

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