Sharing your computer screen

Sharing the screen of your computer is very easy and requires no additional software to be installed. Screensharing can be helpful in showing your presentation to the audience away from you.

What is needed?

  • a computer with a webcam
  • Chrome or Firefox internet browser
  • headphones (recommended) or a headset with microphone

Screensharing – step-by-step

  1. Click the video chatroom link you received from us – „Join room” screen appears.
  2. Enter your name and click „Join room” – you are entering the video chat; currently, only sound and webcam picture are being shared.
  3. In the bottom left corner of the page click „monitor on a stand” icon (first icon on the left).
  4. „Share your screen” window appears – make sure „Your Entire Screen” option is selected.
  5. Click on your screen picture (again: click on the small picture of your screen) and click „Share” – your computer screen is being shared from now on.
  6. On the bottom of your screen, a small message appears: „(the app) is sharing your screen” – click „Hide” so the message doesn’t show on your presentation.
  7. Minimize browser window/go to your desktop or switch to your presentation.
  8. To stop sharing your screen, go back to the internet browser and close the tab or exit the browser.

Warning: in case of any problems (no picture, internet disconnecting), please go back to your browser and reload the page – this will disconnect you from the video chat and take you back to the „Join room” screen.

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